Mourning Plants But Not Babies

As reported by John Barros:

Wednesdays are always awful down here with late-term abortions as well as the others but today had an added strangeness. It was weird to see the workers come out and mourn the loss of a couple of the plants they had recently planted while sixteen girls were inside having abortions.

There was another guy worried about his car. He was making such a fuss that the policeman brought him outside to talk. Another guy was mocking and telling Jennifer that if she would swim across the lake he would keep their baby. Life is so cheap in Orlando. Cars and plants are of more value to the folks down here than a baby.

People came by filming the preaching and snapping pictures of whoever is here. This kind of thing is getting to be a daily occurrence. The lady who runs these clinics pulled up and asked how I liked Fort Lauderdale. I asked how she knew and she said it is her job to find out everything about me. It’s just really getting weirder.

There was some AWESOME NEWS though: God rescued two babies today. Then a girl named Lindsay heard the preaching and came down to listen. When I was done she asked if she could speak to me about God. I was able to sit on the wall and go through the gospel with her. She came under deep conviction about her sin and was brought to Repentance. It was so beautiful. Please pray for Lindsay as she will be coming to Saint Andrew’s with me this Sunday. Jennifer got her contact info and will be helping her. Please pray for her.


Then a man named Dennis came down. He had seen the video and wants to help down here when he can. He is becoming a member of Saint Andrew’s on Sunday. It was a busy, busy day, folks; please continue to pray..