In 2013 Leclerc Brothers Moving Pictures came to Orlando to help share the story of what God is doing at Orlando Women’s Center. By His grace many babies have been saved and many lives have been changed by His Spirit.

Watch and share this short video and consider what the Lord may be calling you to do to join the fight around the country and around the world to offer hope and help to perishing children, their mothers and families.


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  3. Hello, I live in PArk city, ut. I came across your website through Lifestie news story. I just wanted to personally reach out for support in what I would like to do. There are a few abortion clinics near in another town that I joined 40 days for life vigil. But I want to pray in front of the clinic when I can. I plan on going on my days off on Mondays. I have signs and am ready to stand. But I’m not sure how I will do being that I will most likely be alone and need help on how to handle people who try to attack me or for the girls who may want to talk. I have multiple pregnancy resource packets I put together with love. I am not afraid and am just on fire for this. Please help me to stay motivated to do what I fee like God wants me to do……

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