New Life Drama

As told by John Barros:

I didn’t know what to expect today because the folks who usually minister down here on Wednesdays weren’t going to be able to make it. Well, the Lord is so full of surprises. A young Christian drama group, New Life Drama, that travels around the country, showed up here at 8:00.


It turns out two of these kids, Elijah and Micah, are sons of my dear friend Rusty Thomas. It was so refreshing to serve with these kids. They are prayer warriors and have hearts of passion for Jesus, the people coming, and of course the babies. The men were practically born in front of an abortion clinic but this was only the second time for the girls.

There were three who chose life today. While I was preaching, Beverly and her friend showed up for an abortion. I could hear a commotion behind me, and it was Micah and Brittany engaging the ladies who had arrived. I stopped and watched one of the most beautiful things I have seen: Micah pouring out her heart to Beverly with tears pouring down her face. It stopped Beverly in her tracks. Time seemed to stand still for a bit and you could see the Lord working through these girls.


Finally Beverly said “I am not going to do this!” She took the info to Choices, had a time of prayer, and left with hugs from everyone. These kids are very special. I can’t imagine what their drama is like, but if i’ts half of what I saw today it would be something to see.


The kids had to leave and just when they were going the Lord brought my dear brother Lydon Sipe down. He is always a blessing. It was a good day..