No Fear of God

As told by John Barros:

Today was very difficult. It was pretty busy and the people were very hardened. We were very disappointed because a young lady that had left yesterday returned. She was with a loser that would not be any help to her. When they arrived they didn’t even look like the same people that were here yesterday and when they were done they looked like death. It was awful.

Another lady, Maria, came. She took the info and left immediately and went to Choices. We couldn’t believe it when she returned. She tried to say she was here for birth control. Then she told us they wanted her to return on Wednesday: that is late-term day. Please pray she doesn’t return. She didn’t do everything she was supposed to at Choices. Please pray she returns there.

It never ceases to amaze me how people come here daily saying God has already forgiven them. They have no fear of God in their hearts. Well the same was going on here today again.

Then a couple of Muslims showed up. As they were going inside I said “Young lady, abortion is the worst sin in Islam, punishable by death.” One of them tried to back out the front door but her friend put her hands on her shoulder and pulled her inside. I began to preach and about half way through they came out and sat in their car talking.

Finally they pulled out and left. So I still have not seen a true practicing Muslim go through with an abortion. Muslims fear God and His Word more than our “cultural” Christians. Thanks for your prayers and please continue.

So Thankful for Yolie, Karen, and Marcia.

Finished my day doing my radio show with Chris. So awesome to tell folks what Jesus is doing and got to share the 180 movie. Chris has been such a dear brother. I love that guy.