No Pictures

As told by John Barros:

I can’t really post pictures from today. It was not a good day for that. There were so many ladies who came back for their late-term abortions. Some came back after their pill abortions were started several days ago, as well as some from yesterday.

There was one lady who spoke with me at length; she even came over to the wall, sat and talked. Later she came out in tears and walked around the block but returned and went through with it.

There was one young lady though who spoke with me about 8:30. She went out back to think, and over an hour later she pulled out in her car and gave a “thank you” toot on her horn. Please pray she doesn’t return.

I am so thankful that Bill served with me today and that Brad and Richard came by for some time in the morning.

This is just one of those days where I look through my friends and family’s pictures. Young mothers like those at Saint Andrew’s or in Lexington and the Carolinas. Seeing the beauty of their children and how they are loved by their parents. Sometimes things can get to you, but life Is beautiful.