No Two Days Ever the Same

As told by John Barros:

All these years and no two days have ever been the same. Today was really rough, but the Lord sent a wonderful blessing.

So many people here today, so many conversations, so many convicted, and so many fights. There was one “Christian” mother/daughter couple that ended up running out of there. They weren’t about to talk to us after the warnings about bringing Jesus in there, so we can only call them a turn away.

The hardest one was a young man that came with his wife. He came out around 9:00 saying he was a believer. He pulled a Bible out of his pocket and said he tried. He was told that he needed to fight all day. He did.

He got her out so many times and repented of his failures as a husband. He begged her. When she was done he came out and said “I fought every minute. I am from Jamaica and we do not do this”. He also said that he doesn’t think he can ever look her in the face again and that he doesn’t know this wife. It is so sad. Abortion destroys everything.

After the preaching, a young lady showed up with Gatorades for us. She had brought her mother to the doctor across the street. They sat in their car and listened to the preaching. When it was over, Malvin’s mother Georgie told her to go get us something to drink. After Georgie’s appointment she came over to thank us for being there. She could not believe she was witnessing the preaching of the Gospel on the street down here. She is one of those precious deep Christian ladies that have walked with Jesus for many years.

Malvin wrote a book based on Georgie’s life. Georgie had been raped by some white people in a small Georgia town back in the 50’s. When they found out, they wanted her to abort her baby, and she refused. She refused because even though she had been raped, she knew this baby was no accident. She knew this was God’s baby that He had entrusted to her. I can’t believe how refreshing it was to be around these ladies. They are so precious. I wept driving home. The life Georgie has had has drawn her so close to her Saviour. I have so far to go.

Malvin and Georgie wrote such wonderful things in the front of three books for Yolie, Gerry, and I. I haven’t had time to read it yet but just from meeting them you may want to look into it.