No Two Days Ever The Same

As told by John Barros: 

You know I have been down here for many years. One amazing thing is that no two days have ever been the same. The one constant is that the Lord is always here and His Word never returns void.

Today was a special day because Yolie was down serving on her birthday. I don’t think she will ever forget this one. Ricardo and Angelica pulled in the drive. I was able to speak with them for a bit before they went down but they were pretty set. Thank God the security guy never came out.

Angelica walked up alone and was heading inside. Yolie called out to her as she was about to open the door. She walked out to the sidewalk and she listened. Next thing I know, Yolie says “John, I am taking her to Choices.” I walked over and asked “what about Ricardo?” She said I’m leaving him here. I really couldn’t believe it but off they went.

I kept ministering and God sent Jennifer down to take the slot. Hours went by and Ricardo remained in the back, in his car. When Yolie and Angelica returned she went out back. After a while they pulled up and Ricardo had a huge smile on his face, thanking us. Yolie said they had been texting back and forth and not just Angelica chose life but so had Ricardo.

What a birthday present the Lord gave to Yolie by allowing her to share His love with a young lady. Thank you all for praying. These kind of things often end ugly. This one ended beautifully.

There was another young lady, Severna, that also chose life and had prayer. Another lady came as well with an Orangewood Christian School bumper sticker on her car. I believe the Lord bore down heavy on her and she ran out of there fast.

Thank you all again for praying. Your prayers are vital to us down here. What a team the Lord has put together. So thankful for the sidewalk counselors that come, the pregnancy centers that are so faithful, and your prayers.