As told by John Barros:

It was such a wonderful weekend. Bryan McDaniel and I went deep behind enemy lines in Tallahassee (if you are a Gator you know what I mean) to meet with a new pro life group being formed at Florida State University called Noles4Life. What an awesome bunch of brothers and sisters.

We were also able to speak at City Church, a large church that meets in a mall. The pastor is behind this group and they are extremely active in evangelism.

Then we went down to the only abortion clinic in town (yes, they were open on Sunday and busy). As God’s timing would have it there was a young lady named Latoya who was there for information. When asked what information we could give her to keep her away from here, she said “Thank God”. We got to speak to her and she asked us to pray for her. I am hoping you all will as well.


Upon seeing this the workers came out and went ballistic. Bryan and I had to head home, but Matt Ferro and Alejandro Capote hung around as the police came. Matt is the founder and president of Noles for Life. He had done his homework and had all property boundaries and other information ready for them. The police told the abortion staff Matt had every right to be there.


Please pray for these folks; they are bringing the Gospel to a new front line..