Not a Protester

As told by John Barros:

Today was busier than it has been but it was awesome. Shaniqua and her man came for an abortion. They stopped and talked. He said he appreciated the talk, but she went in anyway. Tracey Sarnicki and Daylan Petterson were able to speak with him at length. He came under conviction and went in and got Shaniqua to come out. After much conversation and prayer they chose life, and proudly showed off their little baby who was in the car.


It was like homecoming down here today. I was blessed to have Lauren, Lacey, and Chantelle stop by for a bit.

Then I was truly blessed to have Pastor Robert and his dear wife Wanda Thompson from Chapel Of The Woods Presbyterian Church near Stone Mountain, Georgia stop by to observe, pray, and encourage us. These folks are wonderful!


Then as the day was ending a young lady who was with her mother across the street yelled, “Are you the protester that comes here?” I replied, “No, I’m not a protester. I’m a Christian who shares the gospel with people who see no hope or help.” She told her mother she was going to come across the street. Allysa, who seemed a little snarky, sat on the wall and I shared the gospel with her. She completely changed and said she needed Jesus. We began to pray and Tracey came back with a coffee. Tracey began to share more with her, and she began to open up about sin and other things in her life. We had more prayer and she began to cry heavily and squeeze my hand like so much pain was coming out. She asked for a Bible and wants to come to Saint Andrew’s on Sunday. Please pray for this precious young lady.