Not All Sin is the Same

As told by John Barros:

We don’t get the “Don’t judge me” talk down here very often because we let them know right away that we are there because we care and are simply warning them. The one we hear more than anything is that “All sin is the same”. It’s amazing to me how that has permeated the world and many who go to church.


People actually believe (or try to convince themselves) that killing a baby is the same as stealing a bag of potato chips. All sin is sin, but there are different degrees. We had a few turn-aways today but didn’t get to speak to them.

Then a young lady came during some preaching, stood on the porch, and announced that all sin was the same. When she was confronted with the faulty thinking she burst into tears, walked in the door, then immediately came out sobbing and left. God opened her eyes but so many others remained inside still thinking this. Please pray that she gets the help she needs.

It was wonderful to have Jesse Stiemann and Jennifer Toor here, and the Orlando House of Prayer (OHOP) people who came down to pray.