Not One Didn’t Know

As told by John Barros:

Today was so powerful. The Holy Spirit worked in so many people. Four ladies decided to keep their babies and one couple was a turn away. The day began with some very hateful people who were lined up waiting to go in. (Usually this is a good sign.) There were threats and even some physicality. God began working right away in the midst of this and one couple Beth spoke with chose life, as well as another young lady who never made it inside.


Even the girls who couldn’t get the strength to trust God were weeping as they came out time after time, even praying with us. One young lady whose mom wouldn’t help her kept coming out in tears almost hyperventilating, especially during the times Jesse Stiemann, Bradley Spruill, and Esteban De Leon were singing hymns. The people kept looking out, unable to deal with Jesus being praised.


There was another girl name Chevelle who kept changing her mind all day long. She prayed with us and called her man to come and get her but stayed. It turns out she is living with a guy she has children with, but is pregnant with another guy’s baby. Neither of the guys wanted the baby. Vicky, the new director of Choices, prayed and counseled with Chevelle but she just couldn’t find the faith to trust God. It was a pretty crazy day indeed..

Not one person here today didn’t know how kind God was in calling them back from the gates of hell. But so many hated Him for doing it..