Nothing Can Stop the Preaching

As told by John Barros:

Oh well. It looks like security guards are here to stay for a while. They are now escorting people in and out and making efforts for us not to be able to speak with them. I have tried to show them that we are not the one they are fighting against. It is Jesus and Jesus will win. They can try all they want but they cannot thwart the will of God. Today was no different.

Was honored to serve with Steve, Tracey, and Philip today. There was a young couple from Puerto Rico here. Tracey tried to communicate with them and we gave them Patte’s Spanish tract. We were able to get Enrique on the phone with them and he warned them about what God thinks of this. They ended up going in but came out about ten minutes later. They left so please pray God would open their eyes.

Then just about at the end of the preaching a young lady came running out sobbing in conviction with her extremely angry guy. He was pretty cocky earlier but that had been replaced with anger. They came up the drive fast. The guy didn’t want to stop but a car was coming. The young lady was trying to get her window down to take the info from Tracey. She barely got it cracked and took the info. Please pray that she stays strong and gets the help she needs.

These folks can try anything they want, but God will continue to work. He has worked through crazy ladies on the porch with giant boom boxes, sprinklers turned on, groups of pro abortion escorts and taunters, all trying to stop the preaching. Nothing can stop Him and they just can’t see it.