Nothing Like It

As told by John Barros:

I know people don’t really believe me but full moons make people crazy down here.

We had the Satanist yesterday and other people that seem to be bonkers. Had another guy making death threats and hooting and howling. Even people walking down the street were attacking.

The Lord was so good though. He led two couples to lead their babies out of here. One guy pulled up while I was preaching with his lady. He rolled his heavily tinted window down, looked at me and gave a huge thumbs up with tears pouring down his face. He just kept saying over and over again Thank You. It is such an awesome thing to see God turn hearts. There is nothing like it. Please pray for these ladies and the two guys.

So thankful for Bill, Karen, Marcia MacDonald Devor, and Yolie Gonzalez. I would be lost and 80 lbs lighter without them. Also blessed to be on American Adversaries this evening. It is absolutely wonderful to share what Jesus does and was blessed to share the true Gospel over Orlando on a secular radio station. God is so good.