Ocala Clinic Closing

As told by John Barros:

Today I received some great news. The folks who serve at Pendergraft‘s clinic in Ocala took this picture showing them moving everything out of there. They say it is finally closed down. That could be wonderful and hopefully his four others close. These guys are pretty slippery. [Read news story about Pendergraft’s indictment on multiple drug charges in South Carolina.]

Today was packed down here. Matt came in the morning before work but I was alone the rest of the day. The others were sick or had to do other things. It has been a long time since this has happened. It was pretty cool though. People were venting but they could do nothing.

There were two turn-aways that I couldn’t get to fast enough and one couple who chose life. This couple isn’t the type that I would expect to talk, much less what happened. They pulled up across the street in a Mustang. He had a black tee shirt with a huge skull on the front. She had blonde short hair with different colors in it. I approached thinking they would be screaming and threatening.

I told them I could help them and that God sent me to tell them to trust Him. Right away he started hyperventilating with quick short breaths. She immediately began crying. They took the info, stood by their car, said thanks and left.
This must have been one of those situations where people pray for God to show them a sign or send someone to stop them. It was pretty amazing.

Please pray for these folks and that God would shut the rest of Pendergraft’s clinics.