Old School Day

As told by John Barros:

It was “Old School Day” down here today. A few of my dear friends stopped by for a couple of days to serve here on their way to Jamaica. Pretty rare to have these guys here together.

Bobby, Scott, and Don travel all over the world open air preaching at colleges and city events. They will be spending the next month preaching with Robert and another twenty people all over Jamaica.

The place was very crowded today. We had a couple of ladies leave but wouldn’t pray so I don’t know where they are.

I had my radio program today, and took Bobby and Don with me. Chris was blessed by these guys, so we were all on the air sharing about open air preaching and abortion ministry. I still am amazed that we are able to share the Gospel on a secular radio station.

We answered some calls and actually had a listener from this show come down today. Chris is very brave and it truly is wonderful to do this. Please pray for the ladies that left, the Jamaica trip, and the word that went out over the airwaves.