One of the Hardest Things You’ll See

As told by John Barros:

We had two strange days in a row down here. On Thursday, there were three ladies here for their second day of labor and delivery abortions, marching in the parking lot, but only three new ones came. Thankfully the Lord showed mercy on one of them and she came out in tears during the preaching. Some wonderful people came down to help Bradley and me, so we turned into a choir and sang hymns to our King. So thankful for those that came. Such blessings.

Friday saw fifteen ladies come for abortions. One of the hardest things we ever see happened again today. A baby had to die while being accompanied by his mother, grandmother, and great grandmother. They were acting like this was some kind of spiritual act, speaking strangely sweet.

We had another guy wearing breast cancer clothing. He was asked if he knew of links to breast cancer from abortion. Of course he didn’t. Very dark day, with no turn aways or ladies choosing life.

The doctor who does early trimester abortions and advertises 3 minute abortions came today. He lived up to it. Got here at 11:00 and was gone before 1:00.

So thankful to serve with Bradley, Beth, and Melyna.