One of Those Days

As told by John Barros:

Well today was kinda crazy down here. Some of the people were more than just cold. Warren Marquardt and a couple of others had a guy in a truck aim for them when he drove in. Warren actually had to jump on top of the wall to keep from getting hit. The man then came up front threatening and screaming. Then we had some guy take his pants down and mooned us.

Yeah, it was one of those days with girls coming back for their second day of labor as well as new folks. One couple Warren had spoken to came out during the preaching. They came back later and went through with it. When they left they were already fighting.


I am so thankful for Bonnie Franke and Rebecca coming down to serve. Even Sabrina, whose due date is today, cane to help as long as she could.

Another blessing was that Bill Hamilton came down to help. Bill and his wife are missionaries in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. They do campus ministry and are members of PEF.


There was one bit of good news: a young lady from yesterday came back and told me she had made an appointment with Choices for Tuesday and we had a time of prayer..