One of Those “Stand in Awe” Days

As told by John Barros:

This was one of those stand in awe days. Just stand and watch God work on hearts in the most amazing ways.

I was alone this morning as folks arrived and it was like the Wild West with all the satanic praising and all the garbage that people can throw at you. When this kind of thing happens here you can almost always be sure God is moving and is going to continue to move. Karen arrived and I filled her in. Then, as I was about to preach a Catholic Priest arrived and asked if I was John. I told him I was and ran through the rules with Patrick.

He told me he wants to fight for life. I told him I follow the teachings of a Catholic Priest by the name of John Calvin. He laughed and said we need to work together as Protestants and Catholic in this battle. I told him I agree 100%. I told him he may not agree with some of what I was about to preach and asked if he would critique my message. He asked what Church I go to and of course he knew who my pastor is.

As the preaching began, it was met with more vulgarity but then something began to happen. Ladies began coming out in tears filled with “Thank yous” for being here. It was amazing. God was on the move bringing folks out of this hell hole.

It was so strange. Karen and I both felt like time almost stood still. I’ve been all day trying to shake this surreal feeling out of my head. I can’t go into each lady that chose life today but after everything was said and done five ladies had chosen life with tears of Joy and one couple came out and told Karen “We don’t know why we are leaving and don’t know what we are going to do but please pray for us.”

I so wish all of my friends could have experienced this. More people chose life here today than aborted their children. Even some of the ones that killed their children looked at me with tears saying “I’m so sorry.”

I don’t know what happened here today. I cannot explain it. It was just an amazing work of our Father.

After I was done preaching, Patrick was beside himself. He said he had been going to mills and never seen anything. He looked on this more like being a protestor. He was kind of shocked really that we use absolutely no signs. I asked him to critique the theology and he had not one problem with it. It was a blessing to serve with this young man. Hope to see him again down here. Please continue to pray for the end of this place.