As told by John Barros

It has been like a weird movie around here lately. The people have been very cold as they arrive. In the last couple days no one has chosen life. One girl ran out the door and all the way down the street, but we have no idea what was going on with her.

Today was bizarre with all the sirens and sheriff helicopters flying over the Presidential motorcade as it moved into the Amway Center. Secret Service suburbans were driving by us in front of the clinic. It just felt weird. We are located right between the scene of the massacre and the Amway Center. The hospital where all the injured victims are is right in front of you when ministering here. It just really seems bizarre.

I so wished the Lord would have had the motorcade stop by. I wished I could show the President, Vice President, two Senators, two Mayors, and our Governor what is going on here. I really wonder what they would have thought seeing late-term moms marching in the back parking lot in full labor waiting to deliver their babies into a toilet. I so wished the Lord would have opened their eyes to the true horrors right around the corner from them.
But they didn’t come. They left as soon as they got their photo ops, laid their wreaths, and spoke of their agendas. They didn’t come by and lay a wreath for the countless thousands of babies who have been slaughtered here. They did not call for national repentance or even a moment of silence for these babies.

I was thankful to serve with Warren, Bill, Matt, Becky, Bo, Kelly, Ruth, Yolie, and dear Donna came back.

I see all these signs around saying ‪#‎OrlandoStrong‬. How can we be strong or united when we won’t even fight to protect our defenseless babies? The “leaders” who were here today could end this. But they won’t because they are ‪#‎OrlandoWeak‬