Our Ultimate Purpose

As told by John Barros:

My pastor Burk Parsons preached on our ultimate purpose yesterday. He told us how our reason for existence, right at this point in history, is to glorify God. Today we got to see God glorified.

In the morning we got to see Him turn two away and a third choose life.

Then this afternoon God sent John and Jasmine over from the other abortion clinic. They first told us that they were here for birth control. Cody began to talk to them about this and included the gospel. As time went on they felt convicted and God showed them their need to repent. Jasmine said they had really come for an abortion. Cody shared very clearly where they stood and what they needed to do. They were given Gospel materials, contact information, and a bible. We had a time of prayer and off they went. They are going to go to Choices. Please pray for them; they are in a rough spot and have two other children. They left believing God would supply all their needs.

My Facebook friends Cody and Kimberly are becoming very dear friends. They are such an awesome family. God also blessed by sending Jason Karroll down to encourage; and Matthew, Kelly, Evin, and Logan Clinger came by. It was truly a blessed day. God’s Word went forth, did its work, and He was glorified. Thanks for praying..