Out Jumps a Hero

As told by John Barros:

Well, thankfully it slowed down today. There were still about nine here, and one lady was into her third day of her labor & delivery abortion. It was such a blessing to serve with Bradley, Bill, and Beth. We even had Edwin and Heather, along with Andrea in the afternoon.

There is one couple that Beth met in the drive. She ministered to them for quite some time. Next thing I know, she is driving away with Brad and Gabby behind her. They went over to Choices and are now getting the help they need. Beth may be little, but dynamite comes in small packages. She is so gifted by the Lord..

Another awesome thing happened here as well today. Hank and Brandy, a young couple that were walking down the street, stopped and wanted to say thank you to us for being out here. They told us of how a few years back they had split up. Brandy got hooked up with another guy for a short period of time, then she and Hank got back together again.

Soon afterwards, she found out she was pregnant and the baby was not Hank’s. She set an appointment to have an abortion. Hank did something I have never seen. He begged her not to abort her baby. He told her “this baby is my baby, because she is part of you and you are my wife. I will love my baby”.

That little girl is two years old now, and they have two others. I have to tell you I was blown away, and we were fighting back tears. Here we are surrounded by people killing babies for convenience, and out jumps a hero. Please pray for these simple loving people.