As told by John Barros

There always seems to be a smell at OWC but on late-term days it can be overpowering. Today was horrible.

Many folks here but there was one young lady who had been to Choices for a pregnancy test and ultrasound last week. She was 14 weeks pregnant. I called Daria Monroe and she got her office praying and came down to call out to Keisha. The girl who came with her for support came under heavy conviction and left her there. Bonnie Franke gave her a ride home. We thought Keisha would leave without her friend there to support her, but she didn’t.


There was one young lady who chose life today and we praise God for that. There was also a girl who came for a proof of pregnancy form and they were trying to talk her into an abortion. She went to Choices and got help.

The hardest thing was watching a dear friend like Daria having her heart broken on the sidewalk.