Special Vistors and Hope for a Friend

As told by John Barros:

In so many ways I have to be the most blessed man there is. I get to call some of the best people there are friends. Today the Lord brought another one of His Special Saints down here to serve.

Pastor David and Pastor Daniel

Pastor Daniel Kisa came all the way from Kampala, Uganda. He was an unbelievable gift to all of us. So wise and he is so much like Christ. He pastors a Reformed Presbyterian Church there.

Daniel, Heather, Karen, Pastor David, Mary Frame, and I were pretty darn busy. There were nine babies that died here today. Nobody chose life but we did have two turn away. One couple came and met Karen. He didn’t want her to do it. She said she was an Atheist but as they spoke she decided to leave and go to Choices. She also told Karen she would like to speak more of the Gospel she was sharing.

Another young lady came and said she was here to help a friend. She spoke with Karen and Heather for I believe over an hour. They went through the Gospel.

Brining the Gospel to an atheist that ended up leaving to go to Choices

She went inside turned around and walked right back out. There was no friend. It was her. These ladies never chose life but please pray they do and accept the help they were offered.

Time to End Abortion

As told by John Barros:

It’s time to end this garbage. If you haven’t done it yet please plug into endabortionnow.com. They have so many resources for you.

Days like today are rough. After small amounts of people due to the hurricane coming, today was a circus. Sixteen babies lost their lives. The people were acting like folks fighting over the last case of water at Wal-Mart last week.

Out of this darkness the Lord did some mighty works. Kathy came storming out the door and straight up the walk to me. I thought I may be in trouble but she stopped short with tears in her eyes and asked “how can you help me?”

We went on and had a wonderful talk. We prayed and then she looked at me and said “I don’t have the means to take care of my baby. I want to give him to a family that can’t have one of their own.” It was beautiful. She went to Choices and saw her 17-week-old baby via ultrasound. They are helping her with all these things.

Late in the afternoon a van with a whole family pulled in. The husband’s parents were in there. Other little kids and then there was Daisy. She walked to the door but when I asked her to please talk to me before going inside she let go of the door handle and came over. We talked about how God had sent her here to speak to me not have an abortion. Her family stayed away and we spoke at length. We had a time of prayer and she chose life. Her family was angry with her choice and there was a big argument going on in Spanish. Karen got back from “making a run for the border” and went over to encourage Daisy. She prayed again with her. Karen came over to give them space and an argument continued. Then it went quiet for a long time. Finally the car started up. Daisy’s face was beaming and all the family waved and yelled Thank Yous as they drove back to Ocala.

There was another young lady that turned away as well but her boyfriend would not allow any communication.
Please pray for these ladies.

Tonight I had my biweekly radio program. It went beautifully and then I attended the 7th anniversary of the American Adversaries radio program dinner at Cafe Positano. Over 40 people were there. The sponsors and advertisers of the show. The folks from Salem Communications, Politicians, etc.

American Adversaries 7th Anniversary Dinner

I cannot even believe the support and encouragement that these people gave me to keep pressing on. It was so awesome. Please pray these relationships grow. Pray the Lord would expand awareness of this bloody holocaust.

Sanford Oviedo Pregnancy Center Banquet

What an Awesome evening. Jenifer called and wanted me to be her guest at the Sanford Oviedo Pregnancy Center Banquet. I am so glad I went.

People that do this ministry are very special and Andrea Whitten Krazeise was superb. It’s always wonderful to see folks that have chosen life and come to Christ give their testimonies. So refreshing.

Honestly, as I was driving there this evening, I thought hardly anyone would be there because of the damage done to so many people’s property but people that support this ministry are very special as well. People that still have no electricity, damaged homes and property took a break from all that to support a dream.

Amazing People

Besides the testimonies as to what God has done this year, Andrea showed their expansion this year by getting a Beautiful Mobile Ultrasound Vehicle. It really looks to be a vital tool especially around UCF.

Please pray that the Lord brings the remaining funds needed.

Two Saved

I was thinking today. Doesn’t happen enough, but I realized that more people have been killed in this building in the last three days than Hurricane Irma has killed so far.

Today was packed. Still dumbfounded that nothing gets in the way of people wanting to kill their children. Beth, Karen, and I had our hands full. The abortionist lives in West Palm Beach so it took him a while to get here. The people were here at 8:00 and he didn’t get here until about 2:00.

During many times of preaching we were able to talk to so many. One young lady burst out the door crying and yelling “I can’t do this” but her guy calmed her down and brought her back inside.

There was an Indian couple that came. He looked to be in his late 40’s and she was in her early 40’s. He lied at the beginning but finally admitted he wanted to do this because he was too old. He became a personal project and was challenged strongly all day to be a man. She came out once in tears and he kept coming in and out. Finally they came back out and talked. Then they came driving up the side, waved, and said Thank You. That was such a blessing.

Then, late in the day, two ladies came wanting to have an abortion. They stopped and Karen was able to speak to them for a long time. The security guy watches everything on video and he came up to try and break this all up. They kept talking to Karen and went back down to think. A while later they pulled up with huge smiles and waving. They had been convicted of coming here. Every scripture Karen shared with them they agreed with. They tried to call Choices but all the clinics here close at 1:00 on Fridays. They will be going when the storm is over. They were so thankful to have met Karen today.

A Proud Mom

As told by John Barros:

It is still hard to believe that people are coming to kill their children as a massive hurricane is on the way.
The Lord blessed today though. Three young ladies turned away. A conflicted young lady named Asia came out and took brochures and actually stayed long enough to go through the Gospel with Karen.

We were blessed to have Miranda stop by with her 10-day-old daughter Ameris. They are doing wonderful. Such a proud mother, telling Donna, Karen and I all the things she has learned about loving her baby. Such a blessing to get to see and listen to her heart in front of this butcher shop.

Then I was super blessed to have Carmem from “First Life” Pregnancy Clinic call wanting to take Karen and I to a Brazilian buffet. Carmem is such a gift to so many. It was wonderful to catch up with her and her ministry. Carmem and other directors of pregnancy clinics are very special. I have a few that are dear friends. God has gifted them in an amazing way. Please pray for your pregnancy clinics. They have some very hard work to do.

The Crazy Before the Storm

As told by John Barros:

It is getting crazy down here in Florida. Some people are fighting for food, gas, and water, and others are in just as much of a hurry to kill their babies before Hurricane Irma gets here.

I don’t even know how many people came down here today but was so blessed to serve with Pastor H.P., Pastor David, and Karen.

God really moved here today. The blinds were open with folks looking out through the preaching. Four ladies left this dump. One young lady Karen worked with went to Choices and there had a negative pregnancy test but will be returning. I always wonder if abortion mills do an abortion even if someone isn’t pregnant. Who would know?

There was a Hindu couple that came out. She changed her mind and the guy wasn’t too happy about it. He turned and snarled at Pastor H.P. as they went to the back. They sat out there talking at length. Then they pulled up and the guy that was snarling was now smiling and waving at us.

There was one crazy thing down here today. During the preaching a young man named Yari walked up to the sidewalk. He asked H.P. what was going on here. H.P. explained everything and then Yari got upset. He said his sister was inside. His Mom and Dad had asked Yari to wait at the end of the street in the car. These people were in Florida on vacation. They are from an island country called Mauritius. The girls’ parents and boyfriend were crazy. I couldn’t believe 16-year-old Yari even belonged with them. When they were done they sat across the street on the curb for about 45 minutes eating with the boyfriend actually dancing a bit. It was a very strange family.

So many people getting highly upset with this hurricane on the way. I’m starting to wonder if more people are going to die from the storm prep than the actual storm…
Prayers are appreciated.

Ministry On the Street

As told by John Barros:

I don’t even know where to start. So blessed to have some of the students from Reformation Bible College join us. Chelsea brought some of the first-year gang down here. These kids are wonderful. Bringing the theology they learn out to the street. Isaac, Cody, Graham, and Sionna represent our future.

First thing this morning a young Columbian lady came for an abortion. Beth tried to speak with her but she only spoke Spanish. We were able to get Yolie on the phone. She spoke with her at length. The young lady went inside but came out shortly and left. Yolie will be glad to hear this. She wishes she could be here but hasn’t been able to for health reasons.

During the preaching we had a few turnaways that were pretty solid. Then there was a couple that pulled up front. She went inside but he stayed in the car out front during the kids’ awesome singing and the preaching. He began screaming like nothing I have ever heard. His windows were up but it was crazy. After the RBC kids went back to school he put his window down and Karen spoke with him. He still stayed there but then when the preaching began again she came running out the door and got in the car. They sat there thinking and talking. Then they started the car and began waving with huge smiles. It was awesome.

Another young lady came and took info from Karen. She changed her mind and will be going to First Life tomorrow morning.

So much other ministry on the street. Pastor Dan worked with a young man as well as calling out here. Chelsea witnessed to a guy and prayed with him. We met a young lady that had been raped but is keeping her baby. The Beast didn’t get here till after 2:00 so the Lord provided us so much more time. When people have God’s Word banging around and inside them for 6 hours, things happen.

All for the Money

As told by John Barros:

It was so horrible down here today. Just one of those crazy dark days. First thing this morning, Gabriel and Helen from last Wednesday showed up. Gabriel hit the driveway at about 25 mph and got Helen inside as fast as he could.
After everyone was inside, I began to preach. Half way through, Helen came outside. She was upset walked up to me and took my hand. She came up with so many stories as to why she had to do this and of course the date rape story was long forgotten. Now it was that she had an amnio test and her baby was autistic.

Helen asked me to stop preaching because it was upsetting to her and everyone inside. She thanked me for trying and everyone inside acknowledged the truth of what was being preached but they all “had to” do this. I touched her belly and it was so warm and firm. Her baby is 21 weeks now. I asked if she would pray with me and she said yes. She burst into tears as we prayed and then Gabriel and the workers inside realized what was going on and came running out to get her. As she was going inside, I said “All they want is your money. We just want to give to you.” Then she turned back and said something I have only heard a few times here. She said “No, John they aren’t charging me.”

I have had them call back clients that have left after talking over the years and the clients have told me their abortion was greatly discounted or free. They must have called Helen back after leaving last week. Last Wednesday they were going to charge her $2,000 and then today free? It is so crazy around here.

These workers are getting so aggressive lately. Literally trying to drag people that are on the porch listening back inside. The guy that runs these places told me he had to let one of their “counselors” go. He said “She was listening to you too much and was letting too many get away. We can’t have that, John.” Then he began to tell me that I’ve been poking the beast for too long and the beast is about to rise against you. He asked how I’ve lived so long being out here. I told him the Lord protects me and will continue to.

Please continue to pray.

In Times of Brokenness

As told by John Barros:

Well a couple of days away from Father’s Day, we got to see two guys become men and lead their ladies away from this dump.

So blessed to have several people come to serve throughout the day. This morning Matt, Nancy, Charmaine, Beth, and Pastor Dan joined us. Rebecca comes by everyday to pray for us on her way to work. She is such a blessing. Well today we also had A surprise visit from Sarah.

It was pretty slow today; only seven came down. During the preaching that was pretty heavy on fatherhood and Father’s Day, two men led their ladies out. One of them was an Air Force member. After the preaching a precious lady came out said “Thank you” and told us she will be keeping her baby. It was wonderful.

After everyone left but Karen and I, Michelle arrived. We called out to her and she stopped before going in. She came out and spoke to Karen. It didn’t take long before Michelle broke down in tears and fell into Karen’s arms. We got her to come sit on the wall. Karen spent hours loving on her. Michelle is in a rough spot with some loser that she lives with. She just lost her job and everything looks bad in her eyes. The Lord turned her heart though. She really doesn’t know who God is. She learned as much as you can at an abortion clinic and chose life. She is going to go to First Life tomorrow. After we had a time of prayer something so beautiful happened. Michelle gave Karen a gift. She gave her a ring that has the Lord’s Prayer on it. Karen is strong and doesn’t get very emotional here but boy this was something else. Karen kept saying “No, you need to keep it.” But Michelle insisted. There were lots of tears and hugs down here. God is so good.

Many people only go to abortion mills during what they call “killing times.” The hour or two when people come for abortions. That really is a mistake because people come throughout the days for information, etc.
There was another cool thing that happened today. A guy drove up and said his girl is now pregnant. He said she told him to drive down here and get the info we pass out so she could get help. She wants to keep her baby.
Thank you all for praying.

God’s Sovereingty and Softened Hearts

As told by John Barros:

Today was one of the most amazing days I have ever seen. The Lord did something I never thought I would ever experience.

Domonique came down to serve for the first time. She had been following Jeff Durbin and ENDABORTIONNOW.COM. She made contact with me because of the conference. I was going through the rules around here with her as the first people began to arrive. “Helen” came up to the porch. I called out for her to come talk to me and she did. I began to tell her how we could help and God has sent her to hear Him call her to trust Him. She began to become visibly shaken. As we continued to speak, she began to tell us her story.

Helen had been overseas visiting relatives. She didn’t know how it happened but someone slipped something in her drink. She woke up somewhere strange and knew what had happened. She called her husband “Gabriel” and told him. She came back hone and then found out she was pregnant. She didn’t know what to do but decided she needed to abort her baby. She showed up here today at 20 weeks to do just that.

Just as she finished telling us this, Gabriel came out to the sidewalk. I went through the same talk with him. They began to speak to each other in a foreign language. They still were faced with the fact that this was another man’s baby. We spoke about adoption but Helen didn’t know if she could do that after carrying her baby to full term.

The amazing thing is that the longer we spoke the more you could see them soften. We had a time of prayer and then both of them chose life. Helen melted into Domonique’s arms and sobbed. It was so precious.

Then they went back to their car to talk. It seemed like forever and then Gabriel came up. He walked over and asked if he could hug me. It was probably the greatest hug I have ever received. He was sobbing with erratic breathing and said “Our baby will live.” He figured the baby was part of his wife so the baby was his as well. They don’t know if they are going to keep the baby or bless a family but this baby will live. They left and went to A Center For Women.

I can’t go into all the conversations about God’s Sovereignty, if a baby should die for the sins of the father and all that because it would take hours. All I know is there was chaos all about it but Jesus pulled a precious brave selfless couple out of this pit.

I don’t know about you but I have not met a man like Gabriel before. He is an amazing hero to me that showed me a love for his wife I have not seen. Please pray for them.

Another young couple, Alex and Marie, came out. They told us their mind and heart had been changed as well. They thankfully said they were keeping their baby and went to First Life.

So blessed to have Bill, a Deacon from my church, down here today, as well as Mike and Vicki Crotty. Mike is an elder at my church; Vicki is the premier banquet caterer and brought us beef brisket for lunch. Pastor David came down to serve and brought his daughter Dana with him. She is such a blessing and jumped right in. There is so much more to be said but not enough time to type it. Please continue to pray for us down here.