Paid Hecklers

abortion clinic Orlando Women's CenterI had only been at OWC for about five minutes when a man came up the sidewalk carrying his infant grandson in a car seat. He attempted to go inside, but they don’t allow babies in the building. So his daughter came outside to see him. He gave her money and spoke with her for a few minutes as we offered help. She said she already had two children and didn’t want a third one. The grandfather carried his grandson back to the car and drove off with the knowledge that another grandbaby was scheduled for death. Although we stayed throughout the day, the mama did not come back out.

A few minutes later, several fathers who had brought their girlfriends to kill their children came outside in a group to smoke together on the side of the building. As John spoke to them about stepping up to their responsibilities and standing up as men, they hung their heads and shuffled their feet. Then next door, behind a greenery-covered fence in the vacant lot, an intoxicated man screamed at us to leave the fathers alone, mocked God’s word, and other epithets. Several of the fathers took up a small collection amongst themselves and handed the man money through the fence, telling him to keep going. Then they walked back inside. The man continued to talk to Andy for a time, but left. About half an hour later he returned, asking to speak to Andy again. Andy shared the gospel with him and the man left with thanks, saying he would think on it! God’s Word never returns void.

A woman brought her second-trimester daughter Leilani to kill her grandchild. They did not stay inside the building, but left and returned several times throughout the day. We spoke to them each time. They were rude at first, kind next, then willing to read our brochures. Finally, near the end of the day after the abortionist Randall Whitney had been there for several hours, they came out! Leilani was in tears saying she couldn’t do it. They took information about local crisis pregnancy resources but did not want to stay and talk with us. Please pray for Leilani and her mom as they navigate the challenges ahead..