Pastors and Personhood

As told by John Barros:

I was so thankful to serve with these precious ladies today. Bonnie and Tara worked so hard, but unfortunately no one chose life.


We were blessed though to have three more pastors from around Orlando stop by to observe and encourage us. I haven’t seen as many pastors in all the years I’ve been here combined as have been here in the last month. The Lord is definitely stirring His Church.

I was also blessed to have Jennifer Sullivan call me when Governor Scott signed the 24-hour waiting period bill. I know the workers at OWC hate it, so we will have to see what happens beginning July 1st.

It has been a blessing to see reports of abortion mills closing and abortion rates dropping but I truly can’t wait to see this evil completely done away with. We need to support the rights of “personhood” for all people, no matter what age we are..