As told by John Barros:

I met Patrick and his wife in Ft. Lauderdale last month at a speaking engagement.  They now serve in front of Pendergraft’s clinic down there.  Today they drove up to see what it was like here.  It was wonderful for Bradley and I to serve with them.1964959_10204993809353315_2742984648100445649_n

Five came for abortions and the Lord changed one couples heart.  Then we all got to see something I still can’t believe we saw: a couple came for an abortion; they wouldn’t listen as they went in and wouldn’t listen during the preaching.  Then about thirty minutes later the door opened and they cane out arm in arm and limping.  At first we thought he was holding her up but then we could see he was in much pain.  I got up to help and ask what happened, and he said while just sitting inside in a chair his ACL blew out.  He left to go to the hospital.  They would not listen to the fact that God was showing them mercy by this happening and they should leave.  Later he came back having not been seen at the hospital because there were forty people ahead of him.  Wish I could say this had a good ending but it didn’t..