People Getting Harder

As told by John Barros:

People just seem to be getting harder down here if its possible. I am so thankful for Tracey Sarnicki and Shayne Russell coming down to help.


There were two who turned away. Shaniqua lined up to get in and after people rebutted the fact that some sins are worse than others she was startled to see that it took different sacrifices to cover different sins in the Old Testament. After about 30 minutes she came out and said she was going to go pray about this. Sarah came down with 8-day-old Christian to show folks what they were giving up and killing. People began saying “Jesus told me to do this.” Others yelled out that they hate God.

Shayne came during his lunch break to call out in pain to those inside. He shared how his wife miscarried during her first trimester, and how he held his baby. He told them he had all his fingers, toes, etc. and that his baby was a person. His testimony was very moving, but the folks remained hard.

There were a couple of ladies saying “I just want it out!” Then Shaniqua returned a few hours later, saying what we told her doesn’t apply to her and she “just had to do what she had to do”.

You know everyone who does this type of ministry expects attacks on themselves. It just goes with the territory. I mean, Jesus said it would be this way. The thing that still sucks the air out of my lungs, though, is when they attack and say such unbelievable (unprintable) things about Jesus. I don’t look down on these people because I don’t know anyone who has sinned any worse than me. I just fear for them. Please pray that the gospel they hear will come to their remembrance and Jesus would bring them to Himself..