Planned Parenthood Protests

As told by John Barros:

Today was pretty cool with all those Planned Parenthood protests everywhere. It was fun going down there but RC, Chris, Samuel, and I decided to start out at Orlando Women’s Center. We joined with the faithful Saturday crew – David, Doug, Beth, and Heather. There is also a lady named Elizabeth down there on Saturdays. She is a special lady because she drives a bus down the front of the clinic all week waving at me, sizing up the situation and praying all day. Now she is coming down here as part of the team on Saturdays.

The clinic was extremely slow. David preached and when he was done a couple of ladies came out. One of them was in tears. They would not stop when they pulled up so we don’t know why they left. Please pray the Lord would convict her and that she would have a heart of love for her baby.

It was so awesome to be a protester with the Reformation Bible College kids. Got to see a lot of old friends and Chris Hart, the host of 660 AM radio’s American Adversaries program. He promotes anti-abortion causes, and has me doing a ministry update on his show once a month. Chris is a brave man. I don’t know of anyone else doing these things.

All day we watched the protest where people were calling out on a microphone for Planned Parenthood workers to come and talk to him. He would give them $20, and┬álots of people would get on there pouring out their anger. All I could think of was back to the morning where Dave and Doug had preached the Gospel and prayers were offered. How a young lady’s heart was being worked over through these means.