Powerful Day

As told by John Barros:

Today was so powerful down here.  I think Jocelyn said you could almost feel the ground moving under Orlando Women’s Center.  The reason why she said that was because the Lord was being praised, and His Word tells us that He inhabits the praises of His people.


There was one young lady that came out and left, but we didn’t get to talk with her so we really don’t know for sure what was happening, but there were two that chose life.  One young lady, Dana, left saying she was going to keep her baby; she took the info and looked absolutely terrified.

  Then there was another precious late term young lady that came out.  Her mother was hammering on her to get back inside and quit being “foolish.”  The young girl was encouraged by us out front to trust God and that it is Him that is working in her heart.  Her mother took her out back and was relentless in her attack on her own daughter.  When they went to the back Jocelyn and Brandon were there to continue encouraging the young lady.  Brandon stood there with his 18 month twins in his arms as he and Jocelyn called to her to be strong.  After about half an hour or so they came pulling up to leave.  The mother was saying awful things, but the young lady had a tear filled smile.  Of course the mom wouldn’t let us give them helpful information, so please pray for her and the others.

  So unbelievably thankful for the Reformation Bible College kids today.  The praise and prayers from them were so filled with love and power.11091324_10206435043623271_7760253111384260674_n.