Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow

As told by John Barros:

If there is one thing I have ever learned down here it would have to be expect the unexpected. No one could have written a script like today. The Lord worked in such a Powerful way and He allowed His unworthy servants to watch in Amazement.

Matthew, Karen, Yolie, and I were so Blessed to have the “Barefoot Ladies” of Grace Community Church from St. Cloud join us. Elizabeth and Hannah Stought, and Sarah and Laura Scimeca had the day off from their studies and wanted to come serve. We were even Blessed to have Allen, Yolie’s husband, stop by to Preach.

All of us were not prepared to see what He did. God turned the hearts of nine ladies. Six chose life and three were turnaways.

There is no way I can tell all of what happened but will try and hit on a few. Leelanau and “Mike” came early. Mike was in my face from the beginning. He claimed to be a Christian but soon found out he wasn’t. Leelanau said the Bible was written by men and she listened to Spirits. They had been having sex even though they didn’t like each other. She kept talking about spirits but when scripture was told to her she would grimace. I have only had this happen once before but I told them she would not be doing this today. They began to laugh and saying we were wasting our time. He came up and yelled how he couldn’t wait to walk out that door with a huge smile after killing their baby. To make a long story short Leelanau ran out to the car about half an hour later and they left. It was incredible.

The “Barefoot Ladies” are singers with the most Amazing harmonies. I am so sorry that I deleted a video by accident so you could hear. At one point I was standing by the driveway as they sang “I Surrender All.” Down the driveway Karen was holding hands and praying with Joy and her Mother. Joy had just surrendered all and chosen life for her baby. I will never forget that scene.

The “Barefoot Ladies” praising their King

Maloly came out the door and looked like a deer in the headlights. Turns out she is 24 weeks pregnant. She came out to the sidewalk with her ultrasound pic and shared with Yolie and Karen. She went back in but came back out and chose life.

Maloly showing her baby’s ultrasound pic to Yolie and Karen. 24 weeks.

There was Melissa and Oscar, Giovanna, but then there was Connie who brought her daughter Latisha down here. They came out looked at me and said “You saved another baby. We are not doing this.” I quickly corrected her and said only God can do this. I do not have the power to do this. Please remember every Martin Luther King Jr. day that Jesus met you and delivered you from the gates of hell. They were so excited about that and the girls began singing Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow with tears of Joy.

There’s no way I can explain today. It was just Beautiful. Then I was able to go on a secular radio station tonight and share what Jesus did as well as call other believers to get out on the streets. I am truly the most Blessed man there is.

Please pray for all these and the ones i couldn’t write about. God is so Good. Please continue to pray.