Pray for Softened Hearts

As told by John Barros:

So often the first one that comes in the morning is really struggling with what she is about to do.

Such was the case with Katey. She showed up before they were open and I asked her if I could pray with her. After prayer we began to talk and she poured out one of the worst story’s I have ever heard. I mean this young lady is living one of the most horrific lives I have ever heard of.

As I began to tell her to put her trust in God and not her circumstances I really had doubts that she would see God in her life. We went into God’s sovereign hand delivering her to this place not to have an abortion but to trust Him. After much conversation, she still went inside but didn’t last even a couple of minutes. She came out with a smile and Lucas gave her a ride to Choices where her help is beginning. Please pray for her and that God would deliver her from the beast she is married to.

There was another interesting story. A young couple came in matching Michael Jordan clothing. After the preaching the guy kept coming out. He ended up saying Shelly wasn’t going to do it.

When they finally pulled up the drive, they showed Karen and Yolie the ultrasound picture of the baby. It turns out Shelly was short in funds to kill a 20-week-old baby. He had the money but told her he wouldn’t give it to her because he didn’t want her to do it. They took the info and left. Please pray they make it to Choices and that God would turn her heart.

It was great to have Pastor H.P. come down and serve. He was also able to give Lucas some tips.