Prayers for Gabrielle

As told by John Barros:

My favorite time in the week is coming to St. Andrew’s an hour or hour and a half early on Sunday evenings. It is so awesome to spend time alone with God inside this house of prayer.

Well today has been a little bit different. While sitting here I received pictures and a Thank You.

Last June 23rd my brother Bruce Barros came to the clinic with me and we got to serve together. A young lady Gabrielle came down to have an abortion. The Lord moved on her heart and she chose life. She went to Choices and Callie took her under her wing. She ended up having her ultrasound and saw she was having twins. She called me from Choices and was ecstatic as to how the Lord did not let her go.

Well she fell off the radar. I never heard anything even though she was offered so much. Well, I came to find out she has moved to New Mexico.
She is so filled with praise and thanksgiving to her God. It’s truly amazing.

Please pray for Gabrielle. She is tired. She has a six-year-old boy, a three-year-old girl and now Bayley Marie, and Kayla Victoria have come into this world.

I know this is Super Bowl Sunday and everyone is busy but won’t you praise God for His mighty work in this family’s life and pray for His precious Gabrielle.