As told by John Barros:

I logged into Facebook to post what happened today and saw a friend who had written a post about praying for the ministry down here. It truly brought tears to my eyes. That is how things get done down here. I love preaching and telling the folks inside that people from all over the world are praying for them. It’s a mystery how prayer, the Word, and the Holy Spirit work together down here but that is what happens.

Today was awesome. Brian Buckles lives in Dallas, took a wrong turn, and ended up here to serve today. (Really he is visiting his parents here and wanted to come serve.) What a blessing he was. Waleska came for a while, and Daylan was here all day. We really got to see God move on the hearts of people in different ways.


There were two ladies who chose life and stood up against the guys who brought them and were fighting to keep them there. Then Vivian showed up thinking she might be five months pregnant. She couldn’t see any hope but in a short period of time decided to leave. Daylan took her to Choices and she made an appointment to go back.

Then the cutest little lady Haden came. She thought that being early that her baby wasn’t a baby yet and an abortion by pill wasn’t really an abortion. When she realized her thinking was flawed, she asked for information about where to get help, thanked us, and left. There was also a turn-away who left very angry but wouldn’t talk.


Brian was blessed and was such a blessing to serve with. Any of you who serve in the Dallas area, please message me your number so I can get it to him. He would be a huge asset. I can’t say enough about Daylan. What a beautiful and godly young lady she is. Fearless, mature in the faith, with a servant’s heart. What a blessing she is. God is so good..