RBC Kids Are Back

As told by John Barros:

I am so very thankful to have the Reformation Bible College kids back to school. They came back here and it was like they never missed a second. They do so much ministry with so much passion. It was an ugly day as far as people coming here but God moved in a couple of different people.


The first was a couple of young Russian girls. They never even made it inside. They listened and then they couldn’t get out of there fast enough. When they left we really couldn’t understand them because they were talking so fast, but they asked for the info and said they were going to the crisis pregnancy center.

Then a young lady named Ouasia, an Iraqui girl, came. She listened and became quite moved. She let us pray with her but went inside. During the preaching she kept coming in and out. After that was over, she came and sat on the wall. We spoke and she said she was Muslim but believes some in Jesus. We went through the gospel and she said she couldn’t do it. We were all able to pray with and for her. She got her ultrasound and it seemed to be actually just a picture of the top of her baby’s head. She is 21 weeks pregnant. She told us she had come on Saturday but of course was too far along for n abortion Saturday.[OWC does late-term abortions on Wednesdays.] She told us people were down here on the sidewalk offering $50 to anyone who would talk to them. And just like I’ve seen so many times before, the people take the money offered and oftentimes end up using it to pay for part of the abortion later.

It’s definitely crazy down here. Please pray she stays strong and does not return and that the Russian girl gets the help she needs..