Regrets and Forgiveness

As told by John Barros: 

Today was much different than yesterday. The place was very busy and there were two turn aways, but we don’t know if they chose life. One was a dad and daughter and the other was a couple that sat out back forever never getting out of their car. When they pulled out they waved but don’t really know what is going on with them.

So thankful to work with Bill and Yolie again today. They are such servants offering themselves to Jesus and these folks.

The theme today seemed to be consequences and pain. I have kept that little cross bouquet that a lady left on the lawn here. On it, she wrote “It was a boy”. You look at that cross and you can only imagine the pain in that lady’s heart.

Today a young lady came walking by with a baby in a stroller. Yolie said hello and the young lady began confessing to her that she had an abortion here three years ago. She told her that she had been through the preaching and the help offered but went through with the abortion. She said she has regretted her decision ever since and is filled with sorrow.

Then there was Sara. I was standing at the bottom of the driveway when a familiar car pulled down. She waved like she wanted to talk to me. Sara had been here just four days ago. She had mocked me and the word that was preached. After she parked she walked over to me and said “I am so sorry for the way I treated you”. I told her I had forgiven her the minute she said those things. She went on to tell me how she hasn’t been able to even get out of bed since Monday. All the events of that day are haunting her. She is telling herself  “if only I had done this or done that”,  and “why didn’t I listen to you”. She came closer and hugged me against the wall crying. She said that she just keeps remembering how sweet Samantha had been to her. She wanted to see if this dump could help her know why she feels so bad. I know what is making her feel so bad but told her to go ahead and see what they said.

She came back out and said they could not find anything that would make her “feel bad”. She sat on the wall and we went through the Gospel together. We went over what God thinks of this and her need to repent. She said she felt so awful and wants to turn her life over to Him. She spoke about feeling dirty and many other things. We went through how the blood of Jesus cleanses of all sin and how if she truly repents and turns her life over to him, that promise is for her. I told her that our church has a bible study for ladies that have had abortions and that we have a beautiful service filled with broken people. She said she.wanted to come. Bill, Yolie, and I then had a wonderful time of prayer with her and Yolie began to love on her.

It is so hard for me to see the ladies come back with problems and check ups. People that wouldn’t listen and so many of them wear a sign on their face that says “I wish I had that day back”.

Please pray for Sara. Pray she comes to Christ and comes to St. Andrew’s.