Rising Courage

As told by John Barros:

I believe President Trump is affecting things around here. Today I had more people drive by with thumbs up and waves than any other day I have been here. One guy that walks by here every morning and never says a word patted me on the back and said “Thanks for being here and doing this.” It seems like people that have been quiet are becoming bolder.

The folks on the other side seem to be getting afraid. Kerry the guy that runs this place was out ranting and raving about whipping out rolls of $10,000, getting into arguments with Bill and Pastor David. Another couple of guys came by making all kinds of accusations. I posted a video of them to show just how irrational they are. It’s kind of funny really. One accused us of holding back ladies from coming into the abortion mill a week ago. He had no idea but what he saw was a couple of ladies that had chosen life and we were praying for them.


We had two turn aways today. I wish they would have spoken because I believe they chose life but just can’t be sure. One took off out of here early and then another that was here was wandering around outside talking to herself saying “I have one that is a year and a half; I have to do this.” But then she came out with her guy looking at the ultrasound picture. They went out back. He was angry and sped out of here in his truck. She left in her car but I couldn’t get over there fast enough. Please pray for these two.

Then I was blessed beyond measure to have Steven come by. Most of you know I am a chaplain at the 33rd St. Jail here in Orlando. A couple of years ago Steven came into my office. I asked him to tell me his story. I can’t tell it in depth but when you meet him you will blessed to hear it.
God brought him under deep conviction one night. I believe he actually was considering ending his life. He had warrants for his arrest in several states. He ended up going to some two-bit town’s police station.

He walked up to the Police Officer and said “I am a fugitive from God and I Have to turn myself in.” He then went to all the places he had warrants and paid his debt. I fell in love with him the minute I met him and we became brothers. He would gobble up everything I could get him from Ligonier Ministries and my Pastor R.C. Sproul.

Well Steven has been out for some time now. The Lord has blessed him with a wife and is now working with Inside Out Ministries. He is helping guys from jail and their families once they get out. He is now also starting a church in Clermont. Please pray for him as he continues in these endeavors.

Brother Steven serving down here now. Love this Brother.

Steven is now going to be serving down here on a weekly basis…so blessed.