Rough Times

As told by John Barros:

I haven’t posted in the last few days.  It’s because sometimes there comes an evil that is different somehow.  It tires you completely out and even your bones hurt.  Everyone we have been working with is having unbelievable problems.  My dear friend Michael Sparkman’s AIDS has ravaged him to a point where he now has about a week to live and is in the hospital.  This has been really rough.

We have had several turn aways, but such cold nasty people.  Then today there was a breakthrough: Sarah brought Reilly Sproul down to minister.  It was really something to hear him calling out for ladies to give their babies to families that would love them like his birth Mother did.  He talked about how he loves his family and how much his family loves him.  It was so beautiful to watch this young man.  The Lord used him to realign my perspective. 10338841_10204850358327129_3840573238667633358_n  Then we had students from Reformation Bible College and Reformed Theological Seminary down here, as well as Dee from West Palm Beach.  She is a hospice social worker and has a massive heart. 10687224_10204850359567160_8897767617831323219_n

  Went to the Ligonier Conference this afternoon and it was wonderful!  The weekend seminar is on Jesus.  So awesome to get to go Church and be cleansed!.