Saint Patrick’s Day

As told by John Barros:

Thank you all for praying. God did amazing work in the hearts of some people today. Wendy came this morning but thankfully came over and talked. She allowed me to pray for her. She went in anyway, but halfway through the preaching she came out sobbing saying she was choosing life. I gave her a postcard with local crisis pregnancy centers on it and she left.

Later I met Heather and Chris. They were very confused and needed help. I took them to First Life and when we got inside saw Wendy who had gone and gotten her husband. It turns out he did not want her to have an abortion. The staff got them plugged in and they are so thankful. Heather went through the counseling and when it was time for the ultrasound they invited me in. I have only been to a few of these so it is very exciting for me. Turns out their baby is a girl, 23 weeks.

Tomorrow I am taking them to a pastor at First Baptist. They responded well to the gospel and want to repent. They see their need for Jesus.


I got to see Laurey Nelson’s beautiful young man thinking he was Saint Patrick. 🙂

Rick and Alisi Metschke came down before going home to Nebraska. R.C. Sproul, Jr. told them to “come hang with Shrek”. They want to do this type of ministry in Nebraska. They had been at the Ligonier Ministries national conference this weekend. It was a wonderful day. All the people in this post are requesting that you pray for them. God is so good..