(At 12:13pm John posted this on Facebook: Prayer request… Samarria has brought me her purse and wants me to get her out of here. She has chosen life and the guy is so angry… We are going to make a dash to Choices as soon as she can get out and away from him.)

As told by John Barros:

First of all I have to thank you all for praying today! It was truly a war down here today. There was a young lady this morning who came here. Bradley Spruill and Warren Marquardt were able to speak with Andrea. They gave warnings, shared the gospel, and offered help. She never went inside but rather took information packets and left.

There was a mother and daughter who came today as well. The Lord turned her heart and she took information to get help at Choices over her mother’s objections. She said she will be keeping her baby.


Then there was Sammaria. She came this morning hard as stone. She wouldn’t take anything and actually said some things. When I began to preach she came out and said some smart-aleck things, but then began coming in and out listening. After I was done she came out and said, “I am not going to do it. Will you help me?”


It would take forever to go through all the ins and outs of this battle. She asked if I could get her away from her boyfriend. He was trying to force her to have the abortion even though she changed her mind. He was extremely angry. Sammaria went inside and told him she needed to get something out of the car. She got her purse and had me hide it in my van until she could make her escape. She went back in and asked him to go get her something to eat. He left and after she was sure he was gone she came out and said, “I am free. Let’s go!” I took her to a very safe place with relatives who love her. (Trust me, that ex-boyfriend of hers would be a fool to go over to that place!)


Sammaria wanted me to thank all of you who prayed. She is truly appreciative! I asked her what happened that changed her mind. She told me something I have never heard before: “When you were preaching I could hear every word so loud. I wasn’t just hearing it through my ears. I could hear it through every pore in my body.” She thanked me but I told her it was the Holy Spirit who did that. I do not have that kind of power. We spoke about how good God is to have followed her to the “gates of hell” to pull her out. We had a wonderful time of prayer. After that she asked if she could come to Saint Andrew’s this Sunday. It will be pretty awesome to worship with this young lady this week.

God did such marvelous work in these ladies and in us today. Please continue to pray..