Sanford Oviedo Pregnancy Center Banquet

What an Awesome evening. Jenifer called and wanted me to be her guest at the Sanford Oviedo Pregnancy Center Banquet. I am so glad I went.

People that do this ministry are very special and Andrea Whitten Krazeise was superb. It’s always wonderful to see folks that have chosen life and come to Christ give their testimonies. So refreshing.

Honestly, as I was driving there this evening, I thought hardly anyone would be there because of the damage done to so many people’s property but people that support this ministry are very special as well. People that still have no electricity, damaged homes and property took a break from all that to support a dream.

Amazing People

Besides the testimonies as to what God has done this year, Andrea showed their expansion this year by getting a Beautiful Mobile Ultrasound Vehicle. It really looks to be a vital tool especially around UCF.

Please pray that the Lord brings the remaining funds needed.