Saying Goodbye

As told by John Barros:

Folks, I don’t even know where to begin. Warren Marquardt, Bradley Spruill and I were blessed to have R.C. Sproul Jr., Lisa Metzger, and Jeremy and Jennica Reis and their families here to serve again today. It was a tough day of ministry and we had to say goodbye to them. Saying goodbye is tough, but we will get to spend a long time together in heaven! We also had a couple from New Hampshire come by to say hello and serve with us a while.


The day was just about as ugly as you can get. About eight ladies returned to complete their late-term abortions. Jennica was quickly overwhelmed and could only fight her emotions by pleading with the moms to come out.

We had a young lady come whose baby had died and was sent here by Winnie Palmer Hospital to have a D&C. We are going to have to look into why they would send them here of all places. Then a man came up to me and asked what they do inside. I told him, and he gave us a look of such sadness. His daughter had asked him to drop her and a friend there. He had suspected that she might be pregnant. His eyes welled up with tears and he got her back in the car and drove her out of there.

Then late in the day an unbelievable thing happened. Two people came at the same time. One on one side and one on the other. Lisa and the ladies spoke to a young couple heading inside for an abortion. On the other side I saw a lady being dropped off by her husband. I had spoken to them on Monday. She came for an abortion and apparently had the pill abortion. She walked up the walk with a hollow look in her eyes, cradling what looked like a little baby wrapped in plastic with a blanket around it. They tell girls to do that if they deliver at home. Well these two couples met in the lobby. Within minutes the young lady ran out sobbing looking like she just saw Satan himself. Following behind was her coward of a boyfriend yelling “You people should be ashamed of yourselves for being out here!” I have always said Stephen King couldn’t write a horror story that equals what goes on here.

We did get to have some awesome fellowship though, and the kids did a wonderful job of praying, praising, and even preaching. I can’t believe how good God is. I get to meet and love the most awesome brothers and sisters in the world. Thank you all for praying.