Seeing God Work in New Ways

As told by John Barros:

We got to see God work in a way we haven’t before. In the years here I have never seen anything like this. First thing this morning a lovely young lady came to have an abortion but she was open to talk. God worked on her heart and she said she wanted to call her mother, who is a Christian. Her mom spoke to her daughter and she chose life. A Christian couple came but God delivered them from this place.


Then a couple who were in their third day of labor from their late-term abortion continued to curse, blaspheme, and threaten. About fifteen minutes after their last outburst they came out and wanted to talk to me. The folks who were there thought they were going to kill me. I went in the street to speak with them. They both looked me in the eyes and they completely changed. They looked like completely different people. They thanked me and left to the hospital to have the laminaria sticks removed from her uterus.

The abortion clinic got upset and called the police because their “patient” left in the middle of an abortion. I am sure they were just worried about their liability. We have spent all afternoon in absolute amazement over how powerful God is.


This has been a crazy week, folks! I saw so many praise reports on Facebook from dear friends like Lisa and Jocelyn. God is being praised all over the place today. I am so very thankful that my pastor Burk Parsons came down. He so blessed and encouraged us all. We are so blessed to have him.

Beth Goble and the RBC kids were phenomenal. So thankful for some of the folks from the Orlando House of Prayer who came down to pray. It was a powerful day today. Thank you all for praying..