Sermon Illustration

As told by John Barros:

Monday there was a Mexican young lady who chose life after a conversation over the phone with Enrique from Saving Lives. We are so thankful for this, but the thing I hate the most happened: a “Christian” brought his girlfriend down to kill their baby.


He was offered all the help he could possibly need. Instead he went on to tell us that Jesus was okay with what they were doing. He has been raised in the Church all his life and could twist Scripture like you couldn’t imagine. When faced with what God thinks of this he would attack. After the preaching he came out to say that all the girls inside were upset. We offered these ladies everything they needed. This guy decided to try to lighten the mood inside and went to McDonald’s to buy every lady inside lunch and told them to come outside and eat it in front of me and my daughter, telling all the ladies that Jesus understands their situation and that this was okay. It is really awful when these kinds of people come down.


My pastor RC Sproul preached on Sunday from Luke 12:35-48. He spoke about the unfaithful servant being those in the church who have not committed their life to Christ. I warned this man that he had invented a false Jesus in his mind and was following someone who doesn’t exist; that he was in serious danger; that Jesus would cut him in half and send him to hell. He just mocked. RC had many serious things to say as he preached through Luke 12. Sunday was the most powerful message I have ever heard, bringing a healthy fear of God. To have a sermon illustration the next day in person was frightening..