Serving God in the Pit

As told by John Barros:

I haven’t posted from this place for a few days but that certainly doesn’t mean nothing has been happening. Saturday morning a beautiful young Christian girl was met by Beth Goble. She pulled in the driveway and as soon as she met Beth she burst into tears. She shared that she was part of a worship team at her church in Kissimmee. She fell in with the wrong guy, had sex for the first time, and now was here. She knew it was wrong but didn’t know what to do. After some time, she chose life and went to First Life.

Sunday and Monday the people were so cold here. Monday not one person came out for anything. But then there was today.

The day got off much like the others. Nobody would talk and it was disheartening. Matthew came till 8:30 and then Pastor H.P. McCracken arrived. Karen, Chuck, and Mary also a member down. I am so glad they came because even this afternoon I started wondering if what happened really happened.

Twelve ladies came for abortions. During the preaching, they began to come out. The first one out with her husband was ecstatic to find out she wasn’t pregnant but when she drove up she said “Thank you” and waved so I have no idea.

There was a lady that had been here twice over the last few weeks and both times God turned her heart and she left sobbing. Today, she tried again but God did the same. I have never seen someone leave quite that traumatized before. Ladies just kept coming out with tears literally pouring down their cheeks. It was so awesome seeing so many late-term Moms leave. They were thankful but unbelievably shaken.

Then there was a lady I will call Juanita. Her husband parked across the street with their six-month-old baby. Juanita was hard and cockey. She was pretty upset we were there and came out several times. She actually wouldn’t speak much but kept coming out. She finally came out and called her husband to come get her. She kept saying this place is a fraud.

Then the abortionist Randall Whitney pulled in the drive. We told her that was the abortionist. She walked down to his car and began calling him names. She told Randall that “He should be dead already.” Then she came up front and began telling others about Randall and trying to get those that were left here to leave. Randall Whitney called the police on her. Randall took Juanita words as death threats. H.P. thinks she was actually referring to Randall’s age.

Juanita’s husband had told Karen earlier that he had been praying that she would change her mind and keep her baby but said she was stubborn, had a temper, and would not change her mind. It’s so funny how many times we hear that.

I can’t go into everything; it would take all night. When preaching, it was so hard today. It was like there was a dark wall in front of me and I could almost feel a war going on all around. It was so bizarre in so many ways. One lady, before she killed her baby, stood on the porch loudly speaking in tongues. The Lord moved in a mighty way. So thankful to have pastors like H.P. that come down to serve God at the pit.

Seven ladies left this place today. Please pray the Lord would draw them and the people that came with them to Himself and that they would stay strong. God is so amazing.