Shining a Light

As told by John Barros:

The Lord moved so powerfully today. He shined a beautiful light in four ladies’ hearts today. He delivered one in a soft way and a few others it could almost be said they were delivered violently.

Two ladies showed up and came walking up the drive. Beth Goble met them and told them she could help them. They stopped and listened to everything she said. That’s all it took. They thanked her, took the info, and went to Choices.

Half way through the preaching a young man led his lady out. He smiled, waved, and said “Thank you, we aren’t going to do this.”

Another couple came out right after them. He was upset saying it wasn’t right that preaching should be going on here. He said it was making him feel bad. His lady came out and chose life.

Then there was Yehzani. She was met by Bill when she got here. She wouldn’t talk but one time she came out and said she was a Christian. She began coming in and out. You could see her struggling. Then she came out and said she was keeping her baby. She went to the end of the street and sat on the curb. Mary went down and sat with her. She told Mary that she was disgusted with what she was going to do and with this place. She couldn’t even walk back this way. She began opening up to Mary about how she may lose her sports scholarship for being pregnant but she thanked Mary and walked away. Please pray for all these folks.

Then I was blessed to have John Cleveland and his wife Sarah from Faith Presbyterian in Brooksville, Fl. stop by. They were here for their anniversary. They just wanted to stop by, pray, encourage, and buy us lunch. They are awesome.