Sick of Abortion?

As told by John Barros:

I have to ask the question. Are you sick of abortion? Are you tired of watching nothing change year after year?

Boy today really got to me. Watching women stumbling all over the parking lot doing their Death March.

These ladies had a shot yesterday to try and stop their babies hearts. They had laminera sticks placed in their cervix and given drugs to begin labor. Now they are back to go through the Death March, walking till the precious baby is delivered into a toilet.

Please let’s rise up and bring legislation to end this. There are some groups that are working very hard at this. I am partial to the new one from Apologia Church but there are several. We need to win this.

Besides the wickedness I already alluded to here there was one precious young lady that came out during the preaching and chose life. Her boyfriend was absolutely furious. Please pray for her.

So thankful to serve with Karen, Donna, and Jim. Difficult day with the best of people.