As told by John Barros:

It is so slammed down here these days. Every year at this time people bring their tax returns or advances from H&R Block to get their abortions. Couple that with the coupons and they think they are getting quite the deal.


I was so thankful to have the RBC students down here today. These kids came down every day I was at the Super Bowl Outreach and ministered all day. I just found out that even R.C. Sproul Jr. was here one of the days. It is so awesome to have the Church serve down here.


Two ladies left today. One mother grabbed her daughter and boyfriend and left right at the beginning. Another young lady came out saying she was not going to do this, got in a major screaming match with her boyfriend on the phone, and left.

There were so many conversations and gospel presentations today. Please pray that the gospel would penetrate hearts.