Slower Than Usual

As told by John Barros:

Thank God it was slower than usual down here today, but late-term days are always crazy. We had people from many far-away places.


One from Pensacola, one from Indiana, and one from Kentucky. One grandfather brought his granddaughter here to kill his great-grandson. A couple brought their daughter from Kentucky to kill their granddaughter. Their daughter put up a fight but her parents were relentless.

A couple were referred from a doctor in Indiana to come all the way here to kill their hydro skelatal baby. It was so sad. I prayed with them and tried to let God take the life but they wouldn’t do it. He even had a ratio on his side about their baby.

There were some high points, though. One lady chose life. R.C. Sproul, Jr. came down to serve with us. R.C. has such a sensitive heart and cries out with great passion and truth. I hope to grow up and be a tenth of the man he is.


David and Mandy King from Lexington are down here on vacation and brought their family by to help. What a wonderful family they are. Their son Noah has such zeal. He told me he wasn’t leaving till someone else comes out!