So Powerful

As told by John Barros:

Today was so powerful. The Lord showed great mercy and opened the eyes of four young ladies and two men. Jonathan and Shaniqua came first. Shaniqua decided she couldn’t do it. They were fighting and Jonathan came burning up the hill but stopped. Jonathan listened to us and ended up agreeing with Shaniqua. He asked us to pray for them and off they went.

Then Ebony came out during the preaching, thanked us, took a blessing bag and left. Then Wes and Kayla came out, prayed with Thomas De Castro, and left with their blessing bag.

Then there was Maria. Tracey Sarnicki spoke with her when she pulled up for quite a while, but she went inside anyway. After being in there the Lord drove her outside in tears. I cannot begin to tell you all the problems in her life. Tracey talked her into going out to breakfast. A few hours later they came back and Maria was so excited to tell me she has repented of her sin and turned her life over to Jesus! I can’t tell you how beautiful this is. Her fiance is now on board as well.


I am so thankful for Thomas De Castro and Philip Kinkopf. They are true warriors. Thank you all for praying.