Softened Hearts

As told by John Barros:

Well the ladies were all smiles today. It was pretty awesome. Only two ladies came here for abortions and they both left.

Shirley Jo, Karen, Audrey, and Donna came down to serve. Even though there were only two we didn’t deviate from normal.

During the preaching I changed one thing. I usually have a point where I say “God didn’t wake up this morning and say my my my Susie is pregnant what are we going to do.” I changed the name to Latisha. I then go on to explain how their babies are God’s plan.

Believe it or not a young lady came out in tears. I asked her to come over and pray. When I began to pray I asked her what her name was. We couldn’t believe it when she said Latisha. We couldn’t believe it.

Shirley Jo and Karen saying goodbye to Latisha

Another couple Maxie and Momo came out and spoke with Karen and Shirley Jo. They said they were using the events of today to change their minds. They had a time of prayer as well.

OWC closed down and it was pretty cool. We are so looking forward to the day this happens for good.

I’m sure OWC has tried to reschedule with these folks but they said they are keeping their babies. Please pray that as they lay in their beds tonight that God would confirm those decisions. Thank You.